Business Consulting Services

Our Approach to Business Consulting
Today’s business landscape demands responsive, flexible processes. Our consultants provide a full range of consulting services, leveraging our deep industry knowledge across industries and our technical expertise in 21st century solutions.

Although every client and engagement is different, some basic principles always inform DAG’s approach. The most important of these include:

  • A philosophy of evidence, not opinion – We confront each challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions to ensure that our recommendations are based on facts rather than assumptions.
  • World-class analytical capability – Every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis and is tailored to the specific dynamics of the client’s organization.
  • Real-world expertise – Our experts bring real-world experience and hands-on involvement to every engagement.
  • Strategic foresight – Our analysis and recommendations produce more than just short-term results.  The DAG looks to maximize the short-term results to develop long-term and future success.


Consulting Areas

The Dass Advisory Group offers strategic planning to address the employees’ skills for tomorrow’s challenges. Employers who recognize the value of professional development, skills and competency training are rewarded with a more motivated and productive workforce.

DAG offers a team building program that will foster and facilitate the evolution of individual thinking into an arena of shared thinking environment.

Dass Advisory Group provides individualized coaching to executives and managers in support of their professional development and business success goals, as well as coaching for leadership teams and work teams. We do both short-term and long-term coaching.

DAG’s customized change management and organizational development services help improve the health and effectiveness of your company or organization, and bring about the changes you need to ensure your success.