Training and Development

business training

The Dass Advisory Group offers strategic planning to address the employees’ skills for tomorrow’s challenges. Employers who recognize the value of professional development, skills and competency training are rewarded with a more motivated and productive workforce. Skilled and motivated employees provide companies a competitive edge that is long lasting and difficult to imitate—strength never more valuable than in today’s economy. Companies that outsource HR and learning functions are far more likely to assess their workforces as highly effective and twice as likely to be satisfied with the overall performance of their HR functions.

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Our comprehensive services include:

  • Professional development
  • Pre-employment and hiring
  • Employee development
  • Terminations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Leadership development

The DAG fully understands the value of training and education. Sharing our expertise with business owners, directors, managers and team leaders is so very important. The DAG brings the experts to you and shares vital information using seminars and training sessions. The impact of professional training can be hundreds of thousands of dollars saved when managers know precisely what’s needed to keep the company within regulatory compliance.

The immediately-derived value is in developing your team and improving their effectiveness as managers and leaders. The opportunity value is even more significant.