Human Resource Management

The Dass Advisory Group offers our clients the Human Resource expertise due to the deep understanding of Federal practices and policies that govern the Federal workforce, which will gain you access and opportunity in new unexplored territory. We will partner with you to understand your business and utilize our expertise to create value, increase efficiencies, leverage existing resources, enhance your operations and enable your business to meet its strategic objectives. Our team is trained to address complex HR-related issues on your behalf, delivering high-value HR guidance and expertise.

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Our Comprehensive Services Include:
  • Candidate Search
  • References
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interviewing &Telephone Screening
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Scheduling First Rounds
  • Scheduling Management
  • Offer Letter Review
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Candidate Screening
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Salary Planning and Administration
  • Job Advertising
  • Pre-employment Testing

The DAG provides human resource management guidance and assistance for the furtherance of success in the achievement of organizational outcomes through plausible five (5) plausible tips.

  • Review the current methods of communication
  • Create the “Aha Moment”
  • Establish a Focus Group: ask employees about your business
  • Design employee communications strategies (This forms your key message to create the “Aha Moment”)
  • Identify a business issue that communication strategies can impact; then measure success by the outcomes.
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Let DAG's Knowledge and Experience Help Your HR Department Run More Smoothly
HR Consulting
Sucession Planning

DAG takes a look at how organization’s systematically identifies key roles and a position determines performance requirements and targets a group of people to fill these positions and roles in the future.

Recruitment and Placement

The Dass Advisory Group offers a series of recruiting services. The DAG’s recruiting services are more powerful and cost effective than a job board posting or a placement agency, which enables you to significantly cut the time and cost of most recruiting activities.

Dedicated, Personalized Human Resource Teams.

Whether you are centralized in one location or your workforce is spread out over multiple states and countries, DAG will integrate its HR services model into all facets of your organization. We know how to partner with your team and establish best practices that are compliant, customer-focused, cost-effective, competitive, and creative.

Position Management
  • Career Planning: Strives to help employees to learn their strengths and to match these strengths, aptitudes, preferences, and abilities to future work.
  • Career Pathing: Determines the logical progression of jobs, roles, assignments, and development to provide a sufficient pool of qualified candidates and incumbents.
  • Job Design: Determines the best methods for accomplishing a work product or result. The two major types are the individual job and the team.
Performance Management
  • Planning and Appraisal: Sets goals, plans performance, provides ongoing coaching, and evaluates performance of employees (individuals and/or teams).
  • Individual and Team Development: Identifies the needs for employee skill development, education, and growth and how they meet those needs.
  • Compensation/Recognition/Other Rewards: The methods used to pay and reward employees (individuals and/or teams), through salary, bonuses, benefits and/or non-financial rewards
Employee Communications

Employee engagement should always result in some positive change of behavior, which will then lead to the achievement of organizational goals. Just distributing information by through email, Town Hall meetings, etc., will not achieve the change in employee behavior and organizational outcomes you are looking for.