Our Founders

Sintrel P. Dass owns and operate Dass Advisory Group LLC with her husband, Babar (Bob). The Dass’ have added Notary Signing and Mobile Notary Services to their current business activities, as they continue to grow their business for the future.

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Sintrel P. Dass, President and Founder

As President and Founder of Dass Advisory Group LLC (DAG), since 2009, Mrs. Dass (Sintrel) has primary oversight responsibility for the overall operations and infrastructure, project and contract management and the strategic direction for the Company. Sintrel has almost 28 years of proven human resource management, contract management and grant administration, executive coaching/team building, development and program/project management experience, all within the Federal government.  Throughout this period, she was directly involved in the recruitment and development of executives, managers and professionals in all functional areas. Additionally, she was active in the areas of career development, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, employee assistance, complaint investigation and resolution, and diversity.

In her role as Operations Chief of DAG, Sintrel has demonstrated success growing and managing a multi-faceted Business Consulting company through her day-to-day operational management. She has developed and executed operational strategies to promote organizational growth and optimal utilization of emerging business concepts.  Sintrel is committed to building a team-based culture in her organization and making an impact in the community.  Sintrel knows that to meet a company’s needs, the path to success is achieved by a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and culture and by providing flexible solutions to meet those requirements.

Sintrel holds a MBA in Management and a B.S. in Business Administration from Strayer University.  She is currently working toward becoming a certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) through her membership with SHRM.

Babar S. Dass, CEO/COO

Mr. Dass (Bob) is the CEO of Dass Advisory Group LLC (DAG), and has primary responsibility for shaping the strategic direction of the Company, which includes overseeing revenue growth and retention and overall business development initiatives. Bob has over 20 years of government security contract and law enforcement expertise.  He has worked with various security companies and law enforcement agencies to include Integrity International, Gilbert Security Company, Denmark Security, etc., providing mentoring and training.   Through his military background, Bob lends to his managerial support and provides advice to the President in decision making processes.

DAG’s growth and success has been fueled by Bob’s ability to develop strategic marketing and plans, programs and initiatives, ensuring that they are carried out successfully and monitored regularly and through fostering a marketing/business development/account management mindset organization-wide. In addition, Bob oversees business policies and process, as well as has responsibility for partner development activities for DAG.

Bob holds a degree in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security from Liberty University.


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DAG Mission Statement

The Dass Advisory Group is a cohesive, collaborative team of professionals dedicated to creating partnerships and relationships with small- and mid-sized organizations (public and private) and individuals to provide total human resource management, contract and business concepts.

DAG’s mission is to provide proactive and prudent advice combined with recommendations targeted toward helping organizations and individuals better understand how to navigate through human resource, business and contracting concepts. This is accomplished using customized solutions for each client that will provide the following: 1) solutions to get the most value for the money; 2) help in understanding what already exists in the organization and identify what is available; and 3) to provide experienced, personal contact.