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Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing, also referred to as Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO), is an outsourced solution that combines HR management with payroll services. As a trusted HRO partner, Dass Advisory Group becomes fully integrated into your culture. We understand who you are and where you want to go and our ASO approach helps to eliminate or automate the transactional components of HR Administration.

Collaboratively as a team, we pinpoint pressing needs, understand organizational objectives, and formulate a customized plan of action to tackle your distinct challenges. Our HR Outsourcing Services empower you to establish efficient and streamlined HR practices, enabling your business to not only survive but thrive.

The extent and depth of services offered are tailored to your company’s requirements. Dass Advisory Group specializes in creating customized HR Outsourcing Services solutions, ensuring a heightened focus on your organization’s goals across the entire employment life cycle.

Our outsourced HR Department consultants provide ongoing support for HR responsibilities including recruitment coordination, onboarding, HRIS and record-keeping, HR compliance, talent management, and off-boarding. We design a customized solution to fit the needs of your organization and it can be modified as the needs of your organization change.

Our certified HR consultants are available to provide tailored guidance and best practices around supporting and managing your people. Let us help your team do their jobs more efficiently and focus their efforts on the projects that provide greater value to your organization, contact us today.


Outsourced HR Department Offerings

Affordable HR Expertise
Securing top-tier HR expertise doesn’t have to break the bank. Our HR services offer unparalleled knowledge and experience at a fraction of the typical cost. This ensures that even small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from high-quality HR guidance without straining their budgets.

Role-Specific HR Guidance
Every role in an organization has its unique set of responsibilities. Positions like CFO, COO, Controller, or Administrative Assistant shouldn’t be burdened with HR tasks that fall outside their purview. Our HR services ensure that each role focuses on its core competencies, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Impartial HR Recommendations
An external HR perspective can be invaluable. Since our HR professionals are not employees of your company, they can provide unbiased and impartial recommendations. This objectivity ensures that the advice you receive is in the best interest of the organization, free from internal influences or conflicts.

Confidentiality in HR Management
Handling sensitive employee information requires the utmost care and discretion. Our HR services recognize the critical importance of confidentiality. We ensure that all employee data, discussions, and records are managed with the highest level of privacy, safeguarding both the employee’s and the organization’s interests.