Executive Coaching


Executive and management coaching has become a widespread process for the development of both individuals and teams. It has proved to be a powerful tool for bringing about change.

Why Executive Coaching?

Coaching helps leaders and teams:

  • develop greater self-understanding
  • attain clarity about their vision and goals
  • identify obstacles to achieving their goals
  • improve personal and team performance
  • have a more positive impact on their organizations
  • deal successfully with people and relationship challenges

Our 5-step coaching process:

  • initial exploration
  • in-depth discovery
  • plan development
  • implementation of accountability
  • feedback

Our partnering consultants have experience with variety of coaching methods suitable to different learning styles. They have worked with individuals and groups in a wide range of industries and organizational situations, adapting the approach to particular needs and learning styles.

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The DAG Difference

Dass Advisory Group provides individualized coaching to executives and managers in support of their professional development and business success goals, as well as coaching for leadership teams and work teams. We do both short-term and long-term coaching.

What characterizes our coaching is DAG’s integrated approach. We work to assure that the coaching takes place in alignment with overall organizational priorities and values, and that the effects of the coaching extend in all directions beyond the individual or group being coached. By educating the management team in these vital areas, business owners dramatically lower the risks of legal action by an employee or former employee over issues such as diversity and sexual harassment, or of violating federal regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the maze of OSHA standards.